What the hell?

I’m just going for it-

Fuck!-that locker room was gross.

The locker room always freaked me out. I was, to my knowledge, the only gay boy in my class, and I was just waiting to be attacked. I never came out, but I was still sure of it. So, I picked the locker by itself and kept my eyes forward.

Then, I hit puberty and gained so much muscle that it was alarming.

I’ll tell you something else-Feeling 36375 eyeballs on your back, KNOWING YOU can’t turn around, you can’t say, “WHAT?!” Was not okay. Yeah, it was validating, but they were NEVER NICE TO ME.

I was poor, and my clothes never fit, but in the locker room, they left me alone. It’s when I realized I was “body hot”, which isn’t great….you want to just be attractive without people qualifying that shit.

Also, I was not the one you could call a “pussy”, and afterwards, I’m doing something gross to your body. ? Get the fuck outta here.

It is easier for me to talk about my fucked up family than it is for me to talk about high school, and my family is fucking nuts. My little can of Planters.

High School.

Get me started

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