Fuck it, right?

Let’s talk about high school.

I was bright but had superior teachers in Florida. Alabama, except for a handful of brilliant teachers, no thank you. Southeastern education is as terrible as you think. Worse.


My Bah Bah eventually let me slide on my grades because of my anxiety.

I was a very stressed-out kid. I would be an actual psychopath if not for one or two great moments.

Once I brought home two F’s on the same report card, and it almost killed me. Me… I did. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me, or the worst thing I ever did, in school. Not him. What the hell did he know about Chemistry? He was cool about it. He knew I was going to be okay. He encouraged me to do my best.

Except for this one time,

I brought home a low C in Physical Education, and he like to set me on fire.

He was not okay. That may have been his biggest aggravation with me-that I was capable physically but

1. I was lazy and

2. I HATED showing off in front of him strength-wise because his methods made me angry.

He could not abide me not giving my everything and doing my best to shame the other kids.

That C was temporary.

I always got A’s in P.E. That’s everyone, right?

“Oh my god! We’re going outside? What???!”

BITCH! I grew up outside!

(Damn, I loved Field Day)

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