Next Door

My Brother and I grew up next door to a pair of sisters. Everyone thought we were going to marry each other. Their Father, was, rightly, “not there” for it. That was a scary looking sob, okay? Trust me.

When it slowly came out that I was gay he met me outside when I was walking past with the biggest smile. Super nice.


It was one of those unexpected good things that happen because of an unpleasant experience.

I wasn’t mad, it was funny.

I wondered what the hell he wanted and he was just- “Hey Chanzy!”

What?! OMG. WHAT??

“So you’re leaving?”

“Yes Sir.”

(He meant after graduation… I’d gotten a scholarship to a local community college and I was LEAVING…)

He congratulated me and I went on to the house.

It didn’t occur to me until a few months ago that the smile was relief. He knew I was crazy but the gay thing accounts for a lot of it.

Believe me, If I thought I could’ve come out sooner I would’ve never been in the closet in the first place... Would’ve cut out a lot of nonsense.

He had a good job and both of his kids got into good colleges because of their grades…

I should’ve been taking notes.

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