I forgot the male term for nymphomania had to search for it and THIS. SHIT. COMES UP-

*Black Light Attack!*

I can’t.

I cannot.

I rebuke that. It is NOT more common in Women, you Bastards, that’s a lie. It’s a nasty, nasty lie. To soothe your pride, it is a LIE. Which is why you need your own stupid word. Satyromania…(ISN’T THAT FUCKING STUPID?) Get me started.

That would be MEN, (straight) Men who are more likely to be hypersexual.

Fuck them, it doesn’t even MATTER, we all have sex drives.

Don’t let them at your feelings, what do they know? They think women are whores and men are just weak…that is BULLSHIT.


fuck them!

I’m done.

I’m sorry.

Ask your Mother.

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