Be a good Bounty Hunter….nope. I’d pick up smoking again I just know it

Be the best pimp… no. I’d mess up men who hurt women for free, and people who own houses are GROSS. Don’t start. Don’t start. GROSS.

Be a good cop, don’t wanna. Even though, part of me wishes I had just been in the Capital randomly when those white-devil treasonous-scum-wads were bucking. They should not have gotten close.

Be a good soldier, even though the basic-est bitch training would kill me.

I have to learn something ELSE


School, AGAIN.


(Why you so stupid, stupid?)


Hold up…

I can do a spot on Bane. Anything?

Money please!!


“I get it”

Can’t do Early…(EVEN THOUGH I SHOULD…He was my Father.) But no. I cannot make the sound.

I gotta tell you, being poor is a motherfucker.

When I was in school things never actually turned out because my Father never gave them legit documentation. It happens. Talk to a poor person.

I cannot go that hard again and be cheated at the last moment. I will owe the money anyway, whether or not so I WILL be finishing, thank you.

In four years I’ll still be the same age, regardless if I go to school or not. I’m already tired all the freaking time.


I begged my Father to let me take my GED at 14 and he refused. DAMN IT, man. The nearest class was 2 towns away, it might has well have been the moon. My Father is not a fan of civilization. I can see it, but that is not who I am. I should’ve gone harder. The truth is I wanted to graduate…(stupid.)

I could’ve started college early.

And, now my dusty ass has to learn something ELSE?!



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