I have beautiful skin everywhere but my face.


Yes. I blame my male relatives and male friends for pressuring me into sex leading to my acne. It was horrific stress acne and when I figured that out it went away.

I swear one day it hit me that my Father (or some Psychotic Corn-Fed Farm-Person I went to school with) might lose patience and force me into heterosexual intercourse and


years of looking like a monster…

And not knowing that internalizing stress was killing me…(at least my cheek-skin.)

Everyone thinks they can “fix it”.

Calm the fuck down.

THAT will fix it.

And it’s FREE Bitch!

You’re gonna love the way you look.

I wish I’d know earlier that the manual override was not really anyone’s business.

My Father is a prude for someone who used to sleep with every pretty woman he could.

By 12, He wanted me to find a girlfriend, I wanted to sleep with every handsome man I saw.

My Stepmother is from a different time, she did not approve.

My Mother was honest about that stuff but it was past tense.

When I calmed down it was effective and the result immediate. New face.

It wasn’t over, but, yep.

I really don’t like people acting like self exploration is a bad thing, what the fuck?

What the fuck?

Please stop.

It is the only true safe sex.

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