Because I was sandbagging it, is why.

Why would I try to look my best so people can be rougher with me or mine? It was a significant event, and I’ve been wrong about outfits before; under is better.

I can heft it up and fix my shit, but why, for who?? When I feel like it, I will, and when he needs it, I will.

I don’t give a damn what you think; I grew up not wearing shoes. Hear Medon’t give a damn what you think.

Of course, you want to look presentable.

Of course, it’s all most people care about.

Who doesn’t want to look “good”?

It isn’t about that

Sorry, that’s a call back to a previous rant.

I’ll blow the dust off my dusty-ass when I say.

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He's a mess. What else?

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