Purge Night is real. For most Americans it is New Year’s Eve. Like the sun will come up different. Gross.

People do whatever they want.

I don’t know, there’s something about Purge Night and these assholes in the Capitol. His buffoonery cost people their lives and that’s on everyone… I’m still shocked he was banned from Twitter.


Did. You. Expect?!

Why wasn’t there heavier security on a potentially “bad” day?

Their postures were entirely different. Like teachers with a rioting class. No guns pointed, even with beanbags.

So a BUNCH of people just messed up our fence and WANDERED AROUND INSIDE. And 4 people died? 4 out of how many? How many got in and were any of them smart enough to put us at(more)risk?

I know I’m not very nice about defense. Whoops.

I’m concerned about late next month. I feel like bad things are going to happen in places without “proper” security

But as we know



I’m not a Republican. I think they are going through a DiVorce right now and being mean won’t help anything. I wouldn’t trust “anyone” to “anything”. Going through 2016 was rough for everyone. It’s over. And 2020 is over.

I hope that actual Republicans find and weed out any bullshit grimy-shit that happened with the HUGE administration.

I grew up in Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, and I hated the Confederacy. I’ve always hated it. Smart people do.

Civil War is fucking stupid no matter what anyone tells you. And THEN WHAT?

I can’t.

Let’s just get to spring.

They didn’t tear it up on Purge Night like I thought.

What is that?

I just want everyone to live for fuck’s sake.

Stay inside you big freaks. 🖤💜🖤

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