You Already Know…

After seeing the Christmas pictures, tomorrow is a workout day. And a manscaping day.

And maybe a finding some super-expired mushrooms day, and a baby sheep sacrifice day, and a RuPaul face-snatcher day.

The next million days are workouts day.

You better hold that camera up, bitch. Listen to Bop Bop; he loves you. No, that was not okay. Shit, don’t blame me. I didn’t know!

Don’t start. I’m the one who has to fight off fat face and old age every day for the rest of his damned life…. (and ugly…and gross.) FABULOUS! *insert psychotic white-lady laughter* Don’t start.

And death tries to creep back up on you.

How did I start to get fat again AND my face has no fat-cushion?!?

What the Fuck??

HOW?! What is that?!

I can’t.

Stay Safe, damn it.

I hope your holiday pictures are kinder to you


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