Oh no

That’s a very old very gypsy curse on your ass for plagiarism.

That makes you a hollow thief.

I’ve never in my life looked up what someone else said trying to find something I could steal and pretend was mine.

That’s an old gypsy curse on your ass…

Nobody knows who Mineko Iwasaki is, but Arthur Golden is a millionaire.

(They should dramatize her life under her guidance and it would sell.)



he can’t steal Her from Herself, She’s still who She is…and He’s still who he is. Have fun with that. She wins.

I *still* believe that if you are the real thing and genuine that you don’t really have to worry about plagiarism or being plagiarized. People can smell a fake and will find their way to you if you’re good…and fortunate.*

Sometimes people think up the same thing…

And sometimes they don’t.

*That shit hurts like a motherfucker though and is not okay…especially when they have more money than you. Nope, this is all I have, and it’s mine.

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