Alright, let’s just get into it.

Last night, I had a wild dream. First off, it was local, which was odd. Usually, those are dull and/or very life-adjacent. Asheville made a brief cameo, but it was prettier than it actually is.

When I say I had a wild dream, I mean-

I shadowed various women who went around tracking down men who had done horrible things and bringing them to justice. They would find them in their hideyholes. No one dared to argue with them. As soon as they saw the person asking questions, they stood down and answered the fuckin’ questions.

🔥 HOT.🔥

The last one I can remember, we were in the middle of the woods, and there was a short woman with short blonde hair and a white shirt, questioning a big ol’ corn-fed looking son of a bitch on the front porch of his trailer. He seemed guilt-ridden and relieved she was there. When my perspective zoomed out, I saw she held some kind of weapon on him, but it was her he was frightened of.

I realized all of the people involved were freaking MAGIC.

I look out into the woods, and people are moving in the trees. It looked like one person with some glamour that multiplied them because all of the steps were in unison. I did what I always do when I see something creepy, I said, “Oh!”.

The people around me saw what I saw. Suddenly, she was gone. The guy beside me looked at the man she had been questioning, apparently, they knew what was going on…I did not.

Something very big and very bad was coming. We were looking for a “safe” place.

Out in the woods, there were three different types of tree that had grown together into a single tree.

The guy said, “You’ll be safe here.”, and you know I parked it and hugged that motherfucker.

So, something is coming, and it’s getting very close. So close that the man who was being interrogated begins to shift into his…”battle form”(?), his body contorted, and his face began to open and close, making roaring noises like freaking Stranger Things.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting there actually hugging a tree. I was the useless one, go figure. Maybe I was there to record testimony? I do not know. I do know that shit was terrifying, and I freaking LOVED every second of it.

Whatever the danger was, I never saw it because I woke up!


I want the rest of that dream!

Witch Bounty Hunters!!! And some “Big Bad” that was coming for everything.


I tried to go back. Maybe later.

Damn, that was fun.

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