I cannot talk about last night’s nightmare, it was too personal.

Needless to say it was fucked up.

My worst fears came at me in a way I was not prepared for.

This one doesn’t get any cute pictures. That shit was rough.

Don’t ever get fat-It doesn’t matter if you loose weight, and then some, you will always feel worthless.

I have been hacking away at this body for 6 years and even though I can see the individual STRANDS of Muscle under my skin, I still look fat at my lower gut. I am 230 some odd pounds of muscle and I can’t enjoy a shred (ha) of it.

You can’t control a lot in life but you can control things about yourself.

You have to take an active interest in your own well-being or suffer the consequences.

My life feels out of control which is why I’m having nightmares….also, Assholes.*

*Coffee and a cigarette? Coffee and a cigarette….I know it’s bad! Are you going to de-stress me? A bitch needs to calm down, goddamn it. I’m sorry…Apologies, you know I love you. I’m mad at the nightmares.

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