I had a rough dream with various “bad people” from my past in multiple filming locations.

I’m awake now.

I’m up! Damn it, I’m up!

I don’t have nightmares much anymore. When I was younger I had nightmares every night. Surely, my stress levels have something to do with it but without Xanax I’m up the river. I don’t care for intoxicates, including medication, don’t get me started.*

That includes caffeine-Yes!

After my birthday this year I had a number of health issues…First, I couldn’t eat anything without getting sick, then my knee went out on me…not knowing what actual caused either has not helped. Add to those the fact that I can’t seem to sleep anymore and Papa Bear is ready to maul someone.


Here I am, driven out of bed by a few flashes of bad stuff, like a punk. Here I am, half-past midnight watching anime when I should be writing. (Technically, I should be sleeping…but we tried that, didn’t we?!)

Cool it!!!

I have peace inside me, I just don’t have access to it at the moment.

I’m done

Go to sleep…you big freak.

*To be honest, the “Emergency Cigarettes” are just cigarettes lately. I know! I’m quitting, damn it, I KNOW!

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