It’s like

Paying good money to have acid thrown in someone’s face, then finding out it gave them a better face-

Not only did you give them a better face,

you are also out $2,000!

…….or whatever.

Rough joke…but I love him.

I very accidentally (almost) hooked up with a cousin (on both sides) because we are LEGION where I’m from. Neither relation was close but it was there and thankfully nothing ever happened.

Fucking lightning came down in the distance for the grosser of the two. He was my Dad’s cousin, from the Esto side. He looked familiar because I had seen him before.

We were outside flirting...which I did not do.

Turned to family-

Became a VERY brief conversation..

It hit both of us at the same time, which was gross, but LIGHTNING ⚡️ IN THE DISTANCE⚡️ UNDERSCORED THE ⚡️HORROR⚡️.


“Shut it down.”

That shit HAPPENED.

BeFore 30 Rock, thank you!

Don’t you judge me with your ugly fucking relatives you don’t know my life!

And not to be that guy-

but if you don’t have at least one “step-cousin” or a “Not-really-related” person you ever thought about ever, then your family is not attractive.

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