Once there was a man named “Roy”. He had all the qualities I looked for, then. He was sweet, pretty eyes, pretty smile.

We broke up because I couldn’t keep driving my Ram an hour to his apartment and an hour back to mine. It was around $45…in 2006. It always felt correct, until we got intimate. It made no sense. He was beautiful but I was not there for it. It probably had to do with the fact that-even then-I honestly wish I’d held back on sex until I was married. Yeah- you want to be good at sex, yes- no one likes being called a “Virgin“, what else?!

People are gross and even good sex is brief.

What I don’t understand is why religious people don’t lead off with how dull it can be. Or actively gross…

He was not dull or gross it was just incorrect.

It happens. Not worth it. When stacked against not doing it? no, not worth it. I don’t remember his last name. (Miller?)

Beyond that- even when it’s ‘good’ it drives you or them psycho….or changes the dynamic in some unpleasant way.

Don’t start.

Wait…What was I saying? Oh yeah-

Guard that 🐆.

*********************no judgements. Do what makes you happy, please.*********************

**I will say, SOME men(not“Roy”) feel that dosing a lover’s drink is “not a big deal”. That- by agreeing to date them-you’ve given them your power of attorney. It is a very big fucking deal. Twice. It’s happened at least twice. Thankfully, I’m heavier than I look. They know who they are. But no….People don’t just make you a drink for no reason.

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