One thing I never had, or thought I needed, was “good” towels.

Many of you had the good fortune to grow up in a house with good towels or you’ve experienced them in hotels.

I thought a towel was a towel.

This past week, as a last birthday present to myself, I wanted something nice for our home that would make an instant change.

It wasn’t hard to settle on towels… We literally have one that’s worth a damn and it has a spot on it.

I found what I was looking for and got two of them. They were not cheap but inexpensive for what they were.

I was WRONG!

“Oh my God, you guys”

“I’m seriously”


Fuck that sandpaper, bitch, get you some nice towels!

We’re all headed back to the goo-Why not wrap yourself in something soft and enjoy what there is to enjoy before you’re gone and forgotten??


Life is too short for cheap-ass towels…

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